becoming zero

Vera becoming zero in the arena…

Vera is the mare i wanted to tell you about.

Vera was ridden very much over the hand before she came to her new owner.

Becoming Zero with Vera

Vera was the first horse i gave up turning with her when she was ridden in the circle in trott because she was so fast, i would have become sick, it was like if someone  has pushed the fast forward button…

This became better, specially with long reins. but the moment you take the reins she gets quicker, the head comes up…this is often a problem with gaited horses because the learn to tölt over the hand, with a high head….we could´t really get this out of her, although the owner has a lot of patience and a good soft hand.

Horse speak shows it´s unbelievable value with horses that have some kind of problem, that are too sensible for the the „human world“ without being seen and protected…

We spent two following days last week helping vera as much as we can, showing her we are aware of her stress with: getting caught, with the zaumzeug, with the saddle, with going to the riding arena where someone wants sth from her she is not sure to handle this and what might be painful in the mouth, with the „dangerous“ side of the arena with a house, noise behind the hedge, with being mounted, with a person grabbing the reins….a lot of fears!

The stress with the bridle has been much much better the second day, for this we spent a lot of time the first time getting her permission from her whole body and mind through passing all the buttons, you can see in the picture how this worked in her how she yawned. and the next day it was much better…

DSC05643.jpgbecoming zeroWe did some fun with feet before riding. Sabine just mounted Vera when she came to her allowing it, Sabine mounted/ dismounted her twice, said hello with the reins and a lot more… becoming zero…


The day before when i rode her i noticed that it helps her a lot when the rider stays in some kind of o posture in the saddle, having contact with the palms on both sides of her shoulders… sharons mehlsack – like becoming zero in the saddle


DSC05686.jpgThe whole unit has been a lot about approach and retreat and about rewarding her and about becoming zero….and and and…

I gave the owner the advice to to excactly this, nothing more another two times, now she is in holidays… perfect in my opinion, Vera can think about the new experiences with the reins and the riding arena.

When this is „through“ trough her body and mind, then  all the „material “ „technically“ gymnastic kind of staff will be very easy and fun for both sides!!!! jipiiiee!

Ick freue mir!!! 😄

Es ist total schön, dass Du meinen Blog ließt. Ich lade Dich auch ganz herzlich ein, Dich zum Horse Speak Brief anzumelden, damit Du keine Neuigkeiten von Sharons Sprache der Pferde verpasst. Der Horse Speak Brief ist für Dich und für Dein Pferd – und er ist kostenlos! 🌸 Also melde Dich gerne gleich an, ich freue mich darauf, mit Dir im Kontakt zu sein und mich intensiv über Horse Speak auszutauschen: Zum Horse Speak Brief

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